We design chips for Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the edge.

AI on tiny devices with tiny batteries is difficult.

We make it easy!

We are extremely energy-efficient.

We are fast: We deliver prototypes within weeks.

We support a wide range of applications: From IoT to autonomous navigation.

Adapative intelligence for ultra-low-power operation

Our chips intelligently reconfigure themselves in real-time to consume the least possible amount of energy for the active task.


A microwatt core

Optimized for easy tasks.

Examples: Trigger phrase detection, gesture recognition, bio-medical anomaly detection, industrial sensing.


A > 8 TOPs/Watt core

Optimized for difficult tasks.

Examples: Image segmentation, object recognition, autonomous navigation, Speech translation, image interpolation.

Sensor fusion

Our solutions are particularly well-suited for applications that combine multiple channels of information from multiple sensors.

Different devices with different sensors perform different tasks at different times on a limited energy budget!

The chip powering them needs to ADAPT.

Partner with us

Join our early adopter program for applications in:

Consumer devices including wearables, AR/VR, and health monitoring.

Space, aerospace & automotive including drones, autonomous navigation, condition monitoring and other applications.

Smart sensors for industrial IoT and other energy-starved applications.


You are not sure if AI and/or our designs are right for you?

We will train AI models for you with your dataset.

We will also provide hardware performance estimates.

We deliver within weeks.

About us

Synthara AG is a silicon tech venture founded in Switzerland. We design chips for artificial intelligence on the edge. We have a team of experienced chip designers, computer scientists and industry veterans. The key founders, Alessandro and Manu, spent several years designing biomedical chips and graphics card modules that are being used in millions of devices across the world today.

They started their research and entrepreneurial career in 2015 to design highly energy-efficient chips for AI, as part of their doctoral research at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (ETH-UZH) in Zurich. The breakthroughs from their work form the core components of Synthara's technology.

They are strongly supported by a board and investor ecosystem with experience in building businesses at scale across geographies. Synthara has gained support from a number of funding organizations and incubation programs as below.

We are hiring!

  1. Lead digital design architect (x1): Integration of ARM or RISC-V microcontrollers.
  2. Verification engineer (x2): System and block level verification. Mixed-signal co-simulation experience is desirable.
  3. Analog design engineer (x1): Integration of analog IPs and experience with sigma-delta circuits desirable.
  4. Embedded software engineer (x2): Development of drivers and low-level programs for embedded AI hardware. Entry-level.
  5. Software backend engineer (x1): Compiler design and API development. Mid-career level.
  6. FPGA development engineer (x1): Writing emulataors and porting complex image and speech signal flows on large FPGAs. Mid-career level.

Let us converse!

Please direct all your product, investment, or job queries to us by email.

Email: contact-us(at)synthara(dot)ch

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/synthara