Alessandro Aimar


Alessandro oversees the design of our deep learning artificial intelligence (A.I.) IPs. He has several years of industrial experience, including two years at Imagination Technologies, where he worked on the PowerVR architecture for Apple products. He is an expert in digital design and A.I. algorithms, and has invented several computational optimisations for A.I. algorithms.

Iulia-Alexandra Lungu

Computer and Machine learning scientist

Large part of the credit for the remarkable processing in artificial intelligence goes to neuroscientists who study the brain to extract principles that inspired the development of modern intelligent algorithms. Iulia-Alexandra comes from this school of thought and combines knowledge of computational neuroscience with machine learning to create algorithms that are efficient and reliable at the same time.

Manu Nair


Manu is an experienced engineer who has worked for Analog Devices Ltd and Apical Imaging (acquired by ARM Ltd), where his responsibilities included customer specification development and hardware design. His scientific research focuses on brain-inspired computation, which led to invention of the core components of our ultra-low power chips.